Friday, November 25, 2005

Turkey Day

I am in Vermont hangin' with my cousins. Very cool. And they are growing up to be such nice & well-behaved young ladies. Although I totally embarrassed my oldest cousin (a freshman in college). We were toasting my l'il bro & his fiancee (first time we were all together since they got engaged) & my older brother & his wife (non-present, but we just found out I'm going to be an aunt! Aw!) & the cousins (14-16-18, I think) were complaining about how little champagne they were given. So I said "yeah, , you're tolerance has gone up recently." Whoops! Especially since she had picked me up at the airport & was just regaling me with crazy tales of frosh life. So she turned bright red & I said "C'mon, we've all been freshman in college." Ha ha! It was pretty funny. So now we're watching 'High Tension' & I'm debating another beer. Which would be on top of all the vino with dinner. Hm. Ta!

Friday, November 18, 2005


I am popping my blog cherry today. Mark the day for it will become the subject of national holidays and mattress sales.