Friday, July 03, 2009

Post-Chemo, -Surgery, -Fundraiser, Pre-Radiation

Hola amigos, it's been awhile since I rapped at ya. So since I last touched base, we were done with the fundraiser. Hooray! I had my appointment with the radiation oncologist a couple of weeks ago now - you lie there forever while they mark you up with a sharpie. You can't move, and I had my arm overhead. Sounds easy, right? Well, no. Try lying perfectly still for about an hour. Don't move your arm! Don't move your head! Don't move anything! It's uncomfortable. But the absolute worst was the tattooing! I don't think my pain tolerance is that low, and I've gotten over a lot of my fear of needles, but oh my god, OW!!! I know that it's a different needle they use, b/c they just give you a dot & it's not electric, or however the tattoo artists do it, but oh my god. If that's how it feels, I don't understand how people can get those itty-bitty roses or tweety bird or whatever, let alone whole sleeves. I need to find someone who's had both. I suspect the radiation tats hurt a lot more than regular ones. So maybe that full-back tat of the hula girl is out for me . . . .

So before I am trapped here in DC for the better part of the summer, I took a little jaunt down to Bermuda, courtesy of Sylvia! Thank you so much!! It was so nice to get down there again & see everyone. I got to meet a couple of not-so-new-anymore kids & a couple of new ones! It was great. But too short! I guess it always is! Sigh! I had my favourite ebi tempura nori maki at Yashi sushi. God, it was good - like I always remembered!

I had one more pre-radiation appt yesterday, and got marked up even more with Sharpie - this time all the way up almost to my neck. Now I have another purple bra. Greeeeaaaat. Hopefully it'll mostly come out. And hopefully they won't mark me every time I go for radiation, which starts Monday. 3:15! So a relatively late appointment time, which is good! So I guess starting today I'm off antiperspirant. I have to switch to just deoderant, b/c antiperspirant has aluminum something in it. I think the aluminum whatever can scatter the rays. So don't worry, folks - I'll be sweaty, but stink-free this summer! Another reason I'm driving to work for the summer.