Saturday, February 21, 2009

Halfway Through!

Yowzer, it's been awhile since I posted anything. Well, the good news is, I'm halfway through chemo, and the lump is getting smaller. Hooray! I actually have to feel around to find it now - it almost feels like regular tissue. But it all seems to be going well. My last A+C treatment was Thursday, so I'm just in recovery mode right now. In two weeks, I'll start the Taxol regimen. That will be every two weeks for four rounds. So my next chemo appointments are March 5th, 19th, April 2nd & the last chemo will be April 16. Hooray! So not too much longer. Of course, then I'll have surgery and radiation, but eh, we'll deal with that later.

In hair news, I went over to my neighbors Randy & Glenn's house a couple of weeks ago & asked them to help me shave my head smooth. The little stubble I had was catching on the wigs & making it very uncomfortable. So they were great & pulled out the full-on shaving cream & razor (after the Manscaper wasn't quite doing it). Here's some pix:

Yes, that's some wine. How else are you going to shave your head?

Here's Glenn enjoying this a little too much, methinks.

"Did you just say 'oops'?? Eh, it'll grow back."

All done! Nice & smooth. And yes, you did a great job, Glenn. And boy, do I need some sun up there!

So my head was nice and smooth, and now some hair is still growing back! Man, I just assumed it would all fall out & stay out, but apparently not. It's just some of the hair, not all, and it's kind of annoying. Keep that razor out, guys, I might be coming back for some more! Thanks for the help! (and the vino!)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I am so tired

I've never been so tired. The cold is on the way out (finally), but I just can't seem to catch up on sleep.

Can't you see I'm pooped? God, I can't wait for the weekend. And yet I know it'll be over almost as soon as it starts. Which makes me even more tired for next week. God, what a vicious cycle.

Oh, and my hair is still falling out. I guess one of these days it'll be about done. Probably around the time I'm done with chemo. Apparently your hair doesn't fall out all at once. Some of it falls out with the first round, then some more with the second round, and so on & so forth. And what's really annoying is that some of it is still growing. So I have a few random long hairs in the midst of all this stubble. I make the mistake this morning of vigorously rubbing my head with the towel after getting out of the shower. Then I went to dry off my arms and ewwww. Stubble! All over my arms! Bleah. I really need to clean-shave my head so I don't have all these short bits all over me. It's kind of gross in the sink, and really gross all over my body after a shower. Yuck! And I think my eyelashes are getting thin. I'm going to have to buy some falsies soon. My eyebrows are tenacious, though! Not that there was ever any doubt. Hooray, brows!