Friday, March 20, 2009

Taxol #2

Well, I had my second Taxol treatment yesterday. I don't seem to have had as much of a reaction this time as last time. So far, at least. My face got a little red & warm, but not really itchy. I haven't taken a Benadryl, but I did rub some hydrocortisone cream on my face. I think I got just as drunk off the Bendryl drip yesterday as I did the prior time.

What I'm really hoping doesn't come back is the itchiness I started getting in my hands last Friday (just a week ago). My hands just started itching randomly & nothing would help. At first I thought "I just need some lotion." Well, I slathered my hands with lotion & they still itched. Turns out that's a manifestation of the neuropathy that can happen with Taxol. And this is something that can be permanent! Argh. My doctor told me to take vitamin B-6, which can provide some protection to the nerves. She also gave me a prescription of an anti-seizure medication that helps dull the firing nerves. The itching had started going away before my appointment, so I'm just hoping it stays away. B/c man! That itching! Drives me crazy!!

Today I also went for an acupuncture appointment. It was interesting. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was different! She did what's called 'cupping', where she takes these glass cups & lights something inside them, then puts it on your skin over the needle (I think). The flame eats up the oxygen, so you wind up with a vacuum & it sucks your skin into the cup, so it stays. My big hope is that it'll help with the soreness that should be coming on tomorrow night. Hope hope! I really don't want to hurt like that again!

And in good news: Progress is being made! So hooray! I get to stay on the biweekly program. Which means my definite last chemo will be 4/16. 2 more to go! Yay! And hey, maybe there won't be much for my surgeon to take out.

I have also signed up for the 3-day walk here in DC in October! Keep an eye out for my fundraising letter! And if you'd like to join my team & walk with me, drop me a line & let me know!

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Jeffy said...

If your palm itches you are going to come into some money.

Put me on your list when you look for sponsors.

Warning I'm about to be mother got a letter from her old friend that her daugher was doing the Susan Komen walk later this year in SF CA. The daughter got through breast cancer. I knew her a little as a kid so I put in a few bucks. She was really surprised to see my name. Anyway, use your mother's network too for fundraising.