Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day

So yesterday was eventful. I was lucky enough to not get my period (hooray!), so we don't have to go home until tomorrow, like we had planned all along. So here's hoping nothing happens down there until at least 5pm, so we don't have to go home early (I'd really like another Jersey Mike's before leaving. Mmmmmm). However, my dad managed to throw a kidney stone right before dinner. So he, my mom & my cousin went off to the hospital. He'll be fine, and so far he hasn't really had any pain since they gave him some serious medicine, but man, what timing. So he didn't really get any Thanksgiving dinner. Our hosts were kind enough to pack up a bunch of leftovers, so at least there's that!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! And gets to have Friday off! I feel bad for those poor saps who have to work today (I'm looking at you, Bermuda. And Britain. And Ireland. And the rest of Europe. Don't you wish you had Thanksgiving??).

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