Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Day! (Early)

I don't know if I'll be able to blog anything until next Monday, since I don't currently have internet at home, and also I'll be out of town. So here's what I'm thankful for: early detection! Rah rah!

So I'm going in for (hopefully) my last drainage. I think after this I ought to be able to reabsorb any fluids. Bleah, so gross. My skin is still pretty sensitive, but I guess that's something that's here to stay. For awhile anyways.

I'm going up to NJ, where, hopefully I won't have to turn around and come back before Saturday. See, when you're having your eggs harvested, everything is turning on when you start your period. When you get it, you call them up & then go in to see them the next day, where they do blood work & vaginal ultrasound. Since you have to go in the next day, I am really really hoping that I don't get my period until at least 5pm Wednesday, since 5pm is when their appointment line closes. So here's hoping I can hold out. I'm a little worried, b/c my boobs are getting really sore (let's hear it for PMS, ladies! Ok, maybe not). And since I haven't really had PMS since I was 19, I'm not sure how many days that gives me until I start menses, to use the terminology.

I warned you about TMI! If you've gotten this far (and even if you haven't), Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have a good one!

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Nicole Hudgins said...

Liz: Getting to that appt. I suspect is important! -- so if your period comes, just brave the traffic and do what you have to do. Remember: at this stage *you* are priority number one.