Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Update (Warning: Disgusting Discussion of Bodily Fluids Ahead)

I went back to the doctor on Monday to have more fluid extracted from my underarm, and I found out those big syringes hold 60 ccs. On Friday, they took out 160 ccs, so 2+2/3 syringes full. Monday, they took out anothe 95 ccs. I have another appointment Thursday morning, so we'll see how much they take out. I think it'll be quite a bit less, as I'm not feeling any discomfort yet. Here's hoping! My friend was impressed with the size of the needle they stuck in me, but I didn't feel a thing. I haven't really looked at the needle during any of these procedures, because I really don't want to see how big that thing is. I guess that's one good thing about having nerve damage - I can't feel the large-gauge needle going in. My under arm area has this weird combination of numbness and pain - sort of like life. Woah, dude, that was deep. So the skin itself is numb in places, but everything underneath is painful. I'm trying to go a little longer between Percoset doses. I might try to just have Tylenol today during the day, and see how that goes. Around the surgery site, a few inches up the inside of my arm, and a couple inches around my back, the skin is pretty sensitive, like when you have the flu. I can deal with the numbness - as aggravating as that is, the worst part is when I'm trying to shower or put on deodorant - but the sensitivity is driving me nuts. Every time I move, and the fabric from my shirt draws across my skin, it's like a little wisp of insanity. Gah. I hope that goes away soon.

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Niamh said...

Ooh Liz, I've just read the whole blog so far...feeling a bit wobbly, glad I never tried to become a doctor. You are so amazing and so brave and please keep blogging so I can keep up with how you're doing (and don't forget, you can turn it into a book afetrwards and make a fortune - tee! hee!). Lots and Lots of Love, Niamh xxx