Friday, November 21, 2008

More Drainage

This is getting to be a bit repetitive, I know, but yesterday morning I had another date with drainage. They got out 75 ccs this time. So, hey, moving in the right direction! The whole area is feeling better now - I think I've finally turned a corner. Am thinking about trying to not have a Percoset today . . . we'll see how that turns out. It still hurts, but I think it's more from the nerve damage in the skin, and less from the actual surgery. The doctor yesterday said that the skin issue could take a few months to stop, but hey, at least it should stop at some point. My understanding is that it's just the nerves firing away, trying to regain their connections. I picture little nerve cells searching in the dark with tiny little flashlights. "Nerve 103, where are you??" "I'm over here!" "Over here?" "No! This way!" Ugh, find each other so you can cut it out.

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