Sunday, December 14, 2008

My New New Hair

Ok, I am finally posting pictures of my new new hair. So this all happened Tuesday, almost 2 weeks ago. I went in for what I thought was a two hour 'do (a two hour 'doooooo). It turned into an eight hour thang. Holy cow! And my neck was killing me at the end of it. I never thought that being a hair model could be so difficult. So basically I was one of many guinea pigs Vidal Sassoon was using to demonstrate (to the good workers of the salon) the new color palette and hair cuts of the season. It's not anything I would have picked for myself, but I am digging it. It's super funky & the kind of thing I like to think I would have done in college, if I hadn't had a ton of hair & a lack of money. Eh, maybe I wouldn't have, but whatever. So here they are:


Here's the overhead view. That orange zigzag streak? Is ORANGE. I mean, like road sign orange. Neon orange. Creamsicle orange.

And side B. In my hair dresser's defense, this is a couple of days after the actual hair styling. I was exhausted that night, so I didn't take any pictures. This is my first attempt at styling it after washing it. I have it pretty well approximated, I think. He actually did some flat-ironing, so it was smoother, but hey, suck it up. This is the best you're getting. And if you don't like, well, you won't have to look at it very long. So, hey, silver lining! Ha ha!

How you like me now?

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