Sunday, April 19, 2009

All Done (Well, With Chemo)!

Hooray! I am done with chemo! I didn't have very much neuropathy at all since the penultimate chemo, so we went ahead with the last one. My oncologist was very happy at the progress, and said she thinks my surgeon will be pleasantly surprised. I have to admit, I had an odd feeling leaving the infusion unit for the last time - not sadness exactly, but sort of a bittersweet feeling. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to be done. I guess b/c all the nurses were so nice, but I really, really don't want to ever have to see them again, in that context. Mom & I made cupcakes to show our appreciation. I hope they enjoyed them!

So at any rate, I am so glad to be done with chemo, though I still have a couple of days of feeling like crap ahead of me. Sigh. Yesterday I was doing ok until mid-afternoon, when I started my slow crash - we went to the mall & got me some under-eye bag concealer (when did I develop such dark circles??) and then swung by Lush real quick for some fun soaps - just a little treat! I got 2 - Figs & Leaves, and Ring of Roses. Yum yum. And since we got back, I've been feeling pretty cruddy. I've taken a couple of 2-hour naps today, and there might be a third coming up before bedtime. We shall see. I figure tomorrow will be a bad day, and Tuesday probably won't be so hot, either. I'm intending to sleep in the rest of the week. The cumulative effect is alive & well!

So to sum up: the good news is, I'm done with the chemo portion of our cancer journey. Next stop: the OR. Again!

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Mari-Ann said...

Hi Liz! You might not remember me, but I'm a friend of Sylvia & Karina and you and I met when my husband Paul and I first moved to Bermuda in 2001. Anyway, Sylvia told me about your diagnosis and your blog and after reading through it I just want to reach out and give you a huge hug - not a pity hug, mind you, but a holy-crap-you're-my-hero kind of hug. :) I'm so impressed with how awesome you're handling everything that's coming to you. Your positive outlook has really help me to put some things in my own life into better perspective. My thoughts and prayers are with you!! Best, Mari-Ann Widhalm