Sunday, April 05, 2009

One More Down, One More (Probably) To Go

Last Thursday was Taxol #3. Once again, I got drunk off the Benadryl drip & provided endless amusement for my mom & Nichole. I'm glad the two of them seem to get along, since I spend a fair portion of my treatment passed out. Nichole & I actually started a puzzle this week - there's usually a puzzle started in the waiting room - and it's usually got the easy parts all done, leaving things like foliage, or sky, or open water. This time we got to pick a puzzle & start it! Which means a grand total of probably 10 pieces got put together, since we were just starting & trying to sort the edge pieces out, sort the colors, etc. before the nurse came & called my name. Ah well! It was a painting of the NY skyline (pre-2001).

Friday & Saturday were fun girly-shopping days. Relatively, I mean. Friday, Mom & I went to Sephora & bought me a proper eyebrow pencil & some faux lashes. They are all getting really thin. I will take some before & after shots soon & show them off. I need to get better at putting the lashes on, though. B/c when I embrace the bald look in the summer, I'm going to need something on my face. Sephora has a bunch of fun lashes, too. I wish I had known about that before my wig party! I could have passed off a few hints (matching acid-green? Purple & feathery? Sparkly lined? Such fun!). Saturday, Mom & I went to pick up my compression sleeve. So now I really have no excuse to not start working out again . . . I need to see if there's a breast cancer yoga tape or something. I'm not supposed to put that much weight on my arms, but I'd really like to get back into it. I must do some research. Tips or advice much appreciated! At any rate, I got a hot pink sleeve & gauntlet (glove) set from Lymphediva's. A couple of women with breast cancer or a family history of same started this company to make fun sleeves. They basically said "I don't want to wear an Ace bandage. Why not make some fun & colorful ones?" And so they did. And I've gone with hot pink for my first one. It was a tough choice - they have a lot of fun patterns. I thought the black would look cool, but I also thought it might be bad (hot) in the summer. So hot pink it is! And it is cozy. Now I just need a full-body one!

Today wasn't such a good day. I took one of my oxycodones (which is a higher dosage than I'd had before - I think this is part of the problem) right after getting up, thinking I was going to eat quickly enough that I'd be fine. Besides, I rarely have an upset stomach when taking pills on an empty stomach. Well, after one of my many naps today (every time I shut my eyes, an hour or so would pass before I opened them again - pretty much all day long), I realized it wasn't staying down. So hey, my first bout of hurling. Luckily, though, it didn't last very long - no endless heaving (sorry, TMI!). But I really haven't felt very good since. And now since I napped most of the day away I'm afraid I'll have some issues sleeping tonight. Sigh! But my doctor said that that might have been my last chemo - if I'm having worse itching issues she might think about skipping the last round. If I had to have chemo tomorrow, I'd be rooting for no more. But I would rather complete the full cycle. My doctor upped my anti-seizure meds, and I feel like it might have helped already. I haven't really had any itching to speak of. The big test will be next Friday/Saturday. If I can make it through the weekend without going insane, then I will be very happy.

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