Monday, June 01, 2009

Stupid Human Tricks

So, the surgery was last Wednesday. Things went well, I think! I find out tomorrow if the margins were clear. Fingers crossed!

The surgery was, by far, the most interest I've had so far. I've been having hot flashes from my premature menopause, which sucks, b/c you're down in the OR wing & everything's cold & they've given you these hot blankets (warmed in some kind of blanket oven), and then you get hot & start tearing everything off. I had a student (of some sort) putting my IV in . . . or trying to put my IV in, I should say. She started at the wrist & hit a nerve, I guess, b/c I could feel it up in my fingers. OOOOOWWWWWWW!!! They stopped that one & started another one on the back of my hand. So I've got bruises all over my hand and wrist. When they started wheeling me into the room, they started what they called a light sedation, and they would start the serious stuff when I was in the room. Well, I don't really remember being wheeled away. I've become such a lightweight! But, I wasn't under deep sedation, so I have vague recollections of the surgery. No feeling of it, thank god, but I woke up a few times. Once I woke up with that vague feeling of needing to change positions, so I tried to roll over, but hey, my arms were strapped down. Oh, right. Surgery. Another point (I have no idea what sequence these are in), I woke up & looked at the really bright surgical lamps overhead. Another time, I woke up & there was a sheet over my face! Which was more disturbing in retrospect than at the time. And I woke up, but didn't have my eyes open, when they did a half-roll with me to get me onto the recovery bed. I heard something about the recovery bed being wheeled in & I thought "Do I need to do something to help them get me into that bed?" but they did it all. Which was good, b/c I was pretty out of it, and probably of more help by just being still. After some time in the recovery bed, they wheeled me over to the recovery easy chair. When I was transferring myself, I realized I had just about sweat through all the sheets on the bed! They were completely sopping. I couldn't even wear my underwear home, they were so damp. Ugh! The sweats are not good, and most especially not when you can't throw the covers off yourself!

So tomorrow I'll find out all the (hopefully) good stuff, like that the margins were clear (hope hope!). And in the meantime, I have a new stupid human trick. Apparently I have fluid build-up, which makes sense. But there's also some air trapped in there, too! So when I jiggle around, you can hear the fluid sloshing about. It's kind of disturbing. Ask me next time you see me. If you buy me a beer or three, maybe I'll even let you hear it.


Theresa said...

I was at work reading your post and laughed so loud/hard when I read "I woke up & there was a sheet over my face!" why I found that hilarious I don't know! Must be my sick sense of humor! :)I hope you receieved nothing but good new today!!

Me said...

Hee! I hope you were embarrassed. ;-)