Saturday, October 03, 2009

The End of Treatment!

Uh, ok, it's been almost 2 months since my last post. Man, I never was any good keeping a diary, why would a blog be any different? At any rate! My last radiation treatment was August 14th - hooray! The last two weeks were booster shots, just to the area of the scar tissue. And they didn't start with that (and finish with the whole-area shooting) too soon - a had a spot that got all burned & sore, right on my collar bone. The spot is still a bit darker than the rest, but at least it's healed. The whole are got a big peel-y, and now it's mostly regular colored, but the booster-shot area is also still darker. It's slowly lightening up, though. Maybe by next summer it'll all be the same color again! Agh, my chest is a patchwork of colors and scars right now. I really wish the port scar would go away - it still has that pinkish color of a scar that's not a couple years old. Hopefully the scar tissue will loosen or soften up a bit, too - I scratched it accidentally the other day and OW! Grumble grumble.

So, like the last day of chemo, I brought in cupcakes for all the radiation nurses, techs, and the the valet parking guys. Hey, they specifically have a sign that says 'no tips' for the valet guys. So cupcakes, it is. Just doing my part to make the world a little fatter . . . .

A week later I went to the beach, which was nice, if only just b/c I was on vacation. I did some hammock sitting & reading, but unfortunately, not as much beaching as I would have liked - I managed to hit probably 8 of the coldest August days in the Outer Banks ever. Also, the rainiest. I did manage to get a couple of training walks in (one about 5 miles - was planning on going longer, and going on the beach (!), but it started to rain, so I was cold, wet, and my ears started hurting), and then another dodgy day I managed to go 7 or 8 miles. My training . . . has not been all it should be. Next week should be interesting . . . . today I'm planning on about a five-miler, and then walking over to Del Ray for the art show, which will be another 3 miles, assuming we walk the whole thing. Tomorrow, we're planning on a big long walk. And then Friday is the start of the 3-day. I still haven't checked in online, b/c I needed a doctor's note saying I was ok to do the walk, which I mailed in a week ago. I guess I'll have to do the last minute check-in thing at Nat's Stadium. There is more info (including cheering stations!) online So if you work near DuPont Circle, come out & cheer on Team Turtle Friday between 8:45 & 11:45! There's also Glover-Archbold Park on Friday, a couple of places in Bethesda on Saturday, and DuPont Circle again on Sunday - as well as the Closing Ceremonies, which are on the mall this year. It will be a sea of pink. Of course, I'm planning on wearing pink, so keep an eye out for my shirt. Or perhaps you'd like to order one yourself.

If you want to donate, it's not too late! Go to my page on the 3-day's website, or (if that link doesn't work), go to, hover the mouse over 'DONATE', then click on 'find a participant', and search for me (as Elizabeth Scott). The right Elizabeth Scott is on Team Turtle & walking the DC walk. Click on me, and then knock yourself out. Hey, you don't need a new car! The kids can fund their own education! Seriously, though - any amount is great! Thanks again! And wish me luck - I'm getting the most serious pedicure I can find next Monday (10/12).

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