Friday, January 30, 2009

Chemo #3 Over!

Chemo #3 was yesterday. It was an exhausting day. Mostly because I have a cold, that, looking back, I had been working on all week. By the time I went home from work Monday & Tuesday, my eyes were totally bloodshot & it was all I could do to cook up a cup of Trader Joe's Harvest Grains for dinner (and omg, yum!). So I was especially tired & blaming it on the chemo, but Tuesday night I went to bed having that dry feeling behind my nose & Wednesday I woke up with a full-on cold. All in my ears! So annoying. I fell back asleep after sending an email to work that I wouldn't be in, and didn't wake up until 12:30! So I really needed it.

Yesterday I went in for chemo. It was fine. It was more exhausting than usual, but I guess that's because of the cold. But good news, my oncologist said the lump seemed smaller & softer than before, so hey! Alright! And I guess it does feel a little smaller & less distinct. I have to admit I haven't really been taking my own advice (feel your boobies!) lately, b/c I'm still uncomfortable feeling that side. The axillary dissection did some nerve damage to the skin, so I still can't feel soft touches on the skin. It seems like the skin can't feel, but the underlying tissue can, so I can detect deeper touches, but it's still uncomfortable (mentally, not physically), so I'm bad. Do as I say, not as I do! But anyways. Things seem to be going well, so hooray!

And now it's time for a nap. Stupid cold!

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